Wholesale & Retail Distribution

We work with large and small grocery stores and restaurants throughout the Pacific Northwest to supply premium, sustainably caught seafood. We source seafood from top quality local vendors and fishermen, as well as supplying live crab and spot prawns from our own fish boats. Because we are 100% committed to freshness, quality, and reliability, we deliver 7 days per week including most holidays, guarantee the quality and completeness of your order, and offer competitive prices.


We supply fresh seafood and live crab to restaurants throughout southern Vancouver Island, and are always looking for new clients focusing on local Ocean Wise products caught in B.C., including premium fresh halibut; troll-caught salmon (coho, chum, spring, and sockeye) and albacore tuna; and local shellfish including clams, oysters, mussels, Dungeness crab, spot prawns and sidestripe shrimp. For all our products, we are proud to help support and showcase the very best B.C. seafood producers. Please contact us at cbsorderdesk@shaw.ca or call 250 732 8042 with any questions or to explore supply options.

Grocery Stores

We also distribute a selection of our products through local grocers, including fresh fish as well as candied salmon; our own frozen prawn tails; and our prepared products, including soups, bisques, seafood lasagnas, and local specialty products.

Seasonal Fisheries

Although we offer a wide variety of premium fresh and frozen-at-sea seafood year round, the supply of some fresh and live products does follow the local seasons and fishery openings. In particular, the live season for the favourite local spot prawn is a short window of opportunity starting in early May and ending when determined by our local fisheries management guidelines – usually around the first of July. If you require a bulk quantity of live or frozen tails (ie. 500 lbs+), plan to pre-order during the season. For the rest of the year, we offer the highest possible quality of frozen spot prawn tails in 1 lb tubs we hand-pack with just-caught prawns throughout the season. The shelf life of these products are up to 2 years when packed in salted water. Please contact us to get the latest prices and availability information.